Sandro Storti- CEO

The CEO and co-founder of SBS, Sandro has witnessed the birth, growth and expansion of the company in both Italian and international markets from 1994 to the present day. Always at the forefront of operations, he has contributed to the growth of the company through his commitment, perseverance and continuous investment. These three factors have allowed SBS to continuously innovate and develop new products in a sector characterised by constant change. He is convinced that the growth of SBS can continue thanks to the work of the highly professional team of people that he has been able to build over the years.

Marco Pompei - General Manager

Began his career as a promoter and a financial analyst, but after a short time, a passion for computer science led him to assume the role of IT and Networks Technician for the Evolution System SRL group. In 2003 he arrived at SBS as EDP and in 2009 he took on the role, which still plays, as General Director of the Miasinese Society. One of the most experienced figures in SBS, he has personally contributed to business development of our company and helped it to achieve steady growth in recent years.

Gianni Cutrera - International sales Director

Since 1993, he has gained experience in the sales teams of consumer electronics companies, specialising in retail and large-scale distribution. Has worked with telephone operators (Trony, Euromarket, Panorama, Omnitel Vodafone, Carrefour) and has experience with national and international purchasers (Conad, E. Leclerc). Joined SBS in 2012 in the role of Export Manager, and from January 2016 has occupied the role of International Sales Director. In the last four years SBS has created relationships with major specialist electronic retailers in Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia. Gianni believes this development has only been possible thanks to the significant investments made by SBS in the Design, Research and Development, Quality Control, Applications Development and IT sectors.

Marco Iadeluca - Italy Sales Manager

After being an army officer for a few years, Marco started his business career in the cosmetics industry. From here he moved onto Caterpillar, and then moved into the electronics sector, of which he is a deeply passionate consumer. Over the years, he has acquired experience in companies like Unicell, Dagaard Telecom, E-Motion and Fonex, and has had high-responsibility roles before starting his adventure with SBS. He admires the company's innovative capabilities and its ability to handle the development of accessories with a high level of planning, an element that he feels will surely make a difference in the years ahead.

Marco Visconti - Marketing and Product Director

Gained his experience during 15 years in the purchasing department of large retailers, including Conforama. After arriving at SBS in 2013, he assumed the role of Marketing Manager & Category manager, responsible for purchasing and product development. He is committed to the team of professionals gathered together by SBS, and firmly believes in the company's constant growth, driven by new product categories and market opportunities.

Federico Erbea - Senior Product Manage

Married with two children, Erbea graduated in Economics, and developed his career at SBS which he joined as an intern in 1999. During the years he has worked in many business areas, starting from the commercial back office, then as an agent/merchandiser, then again as a Junior Marketer; this has allowed him to get to know all the company's business dynamics and to assume the role as product manager that he still occupies. SBS expects strong growth guaranteed by the expansion of the company into new markets, supported by the vast experience that characterises our senior managers.

Silvia Farinello - Design Manager

Passionate about the visual arts, Silvia has plenty of experience in the fields of printing, packaging and publishing. With SBS for over 12 years, she has consolidated these skills together with a motivated and creative team. She now coordinates a group of professionals who work with combine creativity and innovation to deliver results in a market that is increasingly attentive to detail. SBS sees value in the ability to anticipate trends with determination and freshness, meeting every professional challenge with total passion.

Leonardo Santoro - Human Resources

The Personnel Director of SBS. Leonardo decided to seize the opportunity offered to him by the company in May 2014 after many years working in HR consulting. He was lucky enough to join the company at a time of strong business growth and reorganisation. In these two years, in fact there was not only a significant increase in the number of employees but also an important project of reorganising business functions that involved the commercial area, the functions of product management staff and especially the start-up of two new business divisions: the division responsible for the creation of APP and that of our Retail project.

Alexander Karelin - Mobile and Web R&D Manager

For over twenty years, Alexander has dealt with software and web development, and heads SBS' R&D department for Web and Mobile development. The world of platforms on which applications and sites are being developed is constantly evolving and growing; Alexander, however, believes that the future holds more and more interesting aspects and the experience he has acquired over the years is an indispensable tool with which to address it.

Corinne Peano - Retail Manager

Began her retail experience as a Store Manager in her hometown Cuneo, first for the Calzedonia Group and then for Gamestop, a company for which he moved to Milan in 2007 to fill the role of Store Operations Manager. After nine years and a brief stint at Lidl as Area Manager, she began her adventure with SBS as a product manager and head of the new project dealing with retail development. For Corinne, SBS is a well-structured company, combining quality and technology with a continually evolving market vision.

Luigi Colombo - Logistic Manager

After ten years of experience in the transport and shipping industry, Luigi worked for two years in warehouse logistics at one of the fashion industry's leading companies. In SBS, he deals with our relationships with suppliers of transport services (carriers, couriers and freight forwarders) as well as all activities relating to shipments (any customs operations, technical shipments, the regulation of dangerous goods). He liases with warehouses for import activities (including arrivals management, material allocation and quality control procedures), and for those of allocation and taking swabs. He expects steady growth for the SBS group supported by the new logistic centre that will be located in Arona.

Marco Libera - Warehouse

Married with three children, Marco has part of the SBS family since 2005. Based at the company's Piedmont centre, he has had the opportunity to grow and develop professionally. As a result, after gaining more than 11 years of experience, Marco has now risen to become director of the SBS warehouse. His work helps to facilitate SBS' continued expansion in Italy and Europe, which will be supported by a team that is growing year after year.

Maurizio Mora - Quality Manager

Has 25 years of experience dealing with production management. At the end of the 90s, through experience and training, he reached the level of Company Quality Management Officer and worked abroad for years with Mattel. At SBS, Maurizio covers every aspect related to certification, product testing, quality control inputs, direct assistance to distributors and end users, technical documentation and anything else related to the theme of corporate quality. This helps SBS move toward a future of constant growth and diversification, allowing us to reach new targets in unexplored markets.