EAN: 8018417215186
Runway Light Sport Wireless Stereo Earphones

Ultra lightweight Wireless earphones with headband, answer key


Don't want to give up listening to your favourite music when running or working out at the gym? Runway Light Sport earphones are exactly what you need. Their wireless technology means you can enjoy almost any form of exercise without having to worry about wires getting in your way. And because of their flexible arches and ergonomic design, you can run or workout without worrying about losing them. 
These comfortable headphones are sweat resistant whilst offering premium sound quality. They also allow you to answer or end a phone call by seamlessly communicating with your smartphone. And Multipoint technology allows you to connect several devices simultaneously. 
Included with the earphones is a charging cable and a small carrying pouch for protection. 


  • Wireless
  • Multipoint technology
  • Microphone and call answer/end button
  • Suitable for sports
  • Flexible arches

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