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Smart Fit

Fitness tracker for monitoring sports activity, with heart rate monitor, Training function and touch display for notification of messages and incoming calls


Smart Fit is the fitness watch that monitors your daily physical activity and the workouts you do every day: record your steps, distance travelled, calories burned, duration of your physical activity, and heart-rate.

But that's not all! It allows you to keep track of incoming calls and messages on your smartphone: you receive a silent notification directly on your wristband and are able to see a summary of the incoming message on the display.

Smart Fit is the perfect fitness tracker for you, if you love to do sports but do not always want to bring along your smartphone. In addition, before a workout, you can consult the "Training" selection and select the sport you are about to do. Then leave the smartphone at home: Smart Fit registers and saves all training data. You can also consult your workout history.

Worn at night, this fitness tracker automatically monitors the quality and duration of sleep.
Smart Fit allows you to control music directly from the wristband: you can start a track, pause it, select the previous or next track with a simple touch.

To charge, Smart Fit does not need a charger: just pull it out of the strap and connect it to your PC or charger though the USB port. This procedure also allows the product to be turned on if it has switched off.

Smart Fit uses the free Go Life application, developed by SBS for those who love sports and tracking their daily goals.
Go Life can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and allows you to connect all Go Life devices, including various fitness trackers, jump ropes, weights, body composition scales, nutritional scales, and cadence sensors for bikes.


  • Wireless
  • Go Life device, compatible with iOS (version 8.0 and later) and Android (version 4.3 and later)
  • Monitors: steps, heart-rate, calories, distance, quality and duration of sleep
  • Training function
  • Notification of messages and incoming calls
  • Clock, date and alarm function
  • Music playback control
  • Detachable touch screen
  • Stand-by: 7 days
  • Battery: Li-ion (65mAh)
  • Adjustable strap

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