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Vital Fit Watch

Fitness tracker with LCD colour display, ideal for monitoring sports activity with heart rate control



The Vital Fit fitness tracker is a sports bracelet that will guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the fitness functions, this accessory is useful for keeping many useful notifications under control. When needed, you can measure heart rate, which is the number of contractions of the heart per minute. Vital Fit also features an adjustable soft silicon strap that ensures an extremely comfortable fit.


The intuitive LCD colour display offers various information such as: Time, Date, Weather, Number of Steps, Incoming Notifications regarding Social Networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter), SMS messages and calls. The name of the person trying to contact you and the beginning of the message text will appear on the bracelet's display. The weather is automatically updated via the free App Go Life based on your geographical location. Thanks to the integrated USB connector, you can recharge the bracelet by simply removing the watch face from the strap and connecting it directly to a USB socket of a PC or smartphone charger. A full recharge takes around 90 minutes.


The watch allows you to check information such as steps and distance travelled, as well as calories burned during physical activity. In addition, Vital Fit is able to measure heart rate: you just need to select the Heart Rate function from the display to start the scan. The data collected will also be available on your smartphone thanks to the Go Life application, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google PlayStore. Go Life is also able to share the data collected by the watch with Apple Health on iOS or Google Fit on Android.


When worn during the night, Vital Fit allows you to evaluate your quality of sleep, distinguishing light and deep sleep. You can also set a silent alarm that will make the watch vibrate at a preset time on your preferred days of the week. And that's not all, because Vital Fit can remind you to move around or drink: just set the frequency required for doing exercise or hydrating yourself.


  • Wireless
  • This device supports the Go Life App, compatible with iOS (version 10.0 and later) and Android (version 6 and later)
  • It monitors: steps, heart rate, calories, distance travelled, quality and duration of sleep
  • Notification of messages and incoming calls
  • Watch, date and alarm function
  • Daily weather info
  • LCD colour display
  • Stand-by: 5 days
  • Battery: Li-ion (90mAh)
  • Adjustable strap
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