EAN: 8018417254154
Car mount with wireless charging

Windshield or dashboard mount for smartphone with 5W wireless charging, QI Technology, Micro-USB cable included


The car mount with wireless charging is a unique product: you will not have to distract yourself while driving to consult maps and view all incoming calls.
The strength of this accessory designed for smartphones of up to 6 " that support QI technology is the ability to wirelessly feed your mobile device.
It really is very simple to use: insert your device between the clamps of the support to immediately get a full battery. Thanks to the power of 5W, the battery level of your smartphone will be 25% after just 30 minutes. 
When the battery of the support is empty, you can recharge it thanks to a USB 2.0 cable and Micro USB connectors included in the package. 
Place your mobile phone on the dashboard or windscreen thanks to the suction cup it is equipped with.


  • Wireless charging
  • QI Technology
  • Smartphone charge level after 30 minutes: 25% *
  • Fixing to dashboard or windshield
  • Suction cup coupling
  • Adjustable vices
  • USB - Micro USB charging cable to recharge the battery stand

* charging times are approximate and depend on the device being charged.

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