EAN: 8018417253720
Motorcycle backpack

Motorcycle backpack with adjustable straps and USB and Jack port 3.5 mm, IPX6 certified, with compartment for laptops up to 13"


This motorcycle backpack is ideal for comfortably carrying PCs and small items.
Face the traffic and go to work on two wheels: this accessory is equipped with a front compartment for PCs with zip closure for devices up to 13". The IPX6 certification indicates its resistance to water splashes: going out in the rain will no longer be a problem.
The backpack comes with another pocket with a zip closure for carrying small items. Thanks to the USB port and the cable included in the package, you can carry a powerbank inside and connect it with your smartphone in your hand or pocket.
With the jack port, on the other hand, you will be able to put your smartphone inside the backpack, connect the dedicated cable included, and listen to music or answer calls using a wired headset.
The rear part is characterised by absolute comfort and adjustable shoulder straps. There is also a small pocket where you can put your wallet or other valuables.
The elastic band will allow you to attach the backpack to your trolley: for those who love travelling not just on two wheels.


  • IPX6 certification
  • PC compartment for devices up to 13"
  • Adjustable straps
  • USB and jack port 3.5 mm
  • Zip closure
  • USB cable - Micro USB and jack 3.5 mm included in the package
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