EAN: 8018417253096
Silicone kit for Apple AirPods

Silicone kit consisting of case, lanyard and earphones with neckband


Case, lanyard and earphones cover: refined and practical silicone products for pampering classy products like your Apple AirPods.
With its sophisticated dark shade, the case forms a cradle for storing your earphones. Its compact size enables you to carry it comfortably in your pocket. The soft silicone also feels very pleasant.
The lanyard and earphone with neck band are perfect for the effective use of AirPods: the strap has small slots for inserting the earphones, whilst the grip and comfort of the protective earphones are simply unique. These are unique accessories that, together, guarantee maximum stability when using AirPods.


  • Kit consisting of case, lanyard and earphones with neckband 
  • Material: silicone
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