EAN: 8018417254215
Road Trip kit: magnetic support and adhesive ring

Mid Round magnetic support with clip for the air conditioning vents, adhesive ring for smartphone with brushed metal finish



The Mid Round magnetic support for inside your car, and the adhesive ring for your smartphone are two complementary products. This Road Trip Kit combines two products that are perfect for you if you love to travel in your car and stop to immortalize the best moments.
Actually, when you have finished taking selfies and perfect photos, you can immediately attach your phone onto the dashboard without having to take off the ring.


The adhesive ring is easy to attach: all you have to do is peel off the film and then place the accessory on your smartphone. Thanks to this product, you can take pictures using just one hand: your grip will be secure and you will be done with blurred images once and for all. Furthermore, the elegant finish in brushed metal makes it a trendy and sophisticated item.


Mid Round attaches onto the air conditioning vents of your car with a handy clip. Thanks to the magnets of this support you can attach your smartphone with the adhesive ring.
This way you can always keep track of street maps and incoming calls.


  • Support diameter: 35 mm
  • Magnets for attaching to the adhesive ring
  • Clip for air conditioning vents to attach the support to the dashboard
  • Material: clip in ABS
  • Dimensions of the ring: 34x34 mm
  • Support and ring in brushed metal finish
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