EAN: 8018417302060
School cover with neck strap for iPhone XS/X
Transparent hard case with adjustable neck strap and shockproof corners for iPhone XS/X

Safety and fun in a single accessory: the School cover with adjustable neck strap.

This transparent hard case is ideal for those who want their iPhone XS/X immediately to hand without having to take it out of their pocket. You can quickly and easily take that perfect photo: your device will not fall. 

The cover has two hooks to hold the neck strap that is adjustable with a small metal ring. The soft edges wrap around the power buttons, leaving the connectors free, while the shockproof corners were designed to better absorb impact and vibrations.

A product that both protects your device and has it ready for immediate use.


  • Hard transparent cover
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Shockproof corners
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