CleanVir is coming. This is a new service that further expands options for the Trade sector and allows SBS to enter a new technological frontier in terms of antivirus and malware protection systems.



 CleanVir is a protection system compatible with Android smartphones as well as Windows or Mac computers It will be available for purchase in major stores throughout Italy starting in March 2020.

CleanVir has different licensing options ranging from annual ones, covering either a single device or up to three devices, as well as a three-year license for a single device.

The "Security, Anti-theft, Antivirus" package designed for Android phones includes an Anti-Theft service among others. This blocks and locates your smartphone in the event of theft and can remotely reset its data.

The software for protecting Windows and Mac computers includes instead a self-updating Antivirus program for detecting and preventing viruses and malware, spyware protection, defense against phishing and online fraud, a firewall to identify applications that create internet traffic not evaluated by you, the ability to create encrypted folders and a VPN for surfing safely when connecting to public networks, such as those in hotels and airports.



A sales employee accesses the online portal and requests the issuing of an activation code.

They can then print out the code to attached to the receipt or send it directly by e-mail or SMS to the customer.
This way, the end user can download the antivirus in a just a few minutes by entering the license key for activating the service.



To protect your phone, simply install the CleanVir App on the device to be protected and enter the license key. For a PC or Mac, however, you'll receive instructions for instalilng and activating the software. The software will then automatically update and remain active until the purchased subscription expires.

quickly and easily installed service.

The end user buys a complete and competitive protection system at the price point level as it meets the performance expectations of major players in the sector, but at a lower price.

In addition, all the antivirus components offered automatically update, making the service highly convenient. The software is activated automatically and remains active until the purchased subscription expires.


  • Protects Android devices, PCs and Macs
  • Light and user-friendly
  • Real-time spyware prevention
  • Safe and secure VPN
  • Complete online protection in real time
  • Customer support in Italian during the work week.
  • Prevents phishing attempts and online fraud while browsing or shopping online.