MECOVER, the professional on-demand printing service launched at IFA in September 2019, has been extended to offer customers a wider range of options and top production times.


The service's new 2.0 printer, market-launched in March 2020, does more than just customise smartphone and tablet covers. It now lets you do it on any device, from charging bases to earphones, from AirPods cases and power banks.



Endless possibilities to customise covers and smartphones accessories of all kinds.



The MeCover project further enhances our trade-targeted service range. It wants to create new added revenue opportunities, taking advantage of the printer's assured ease-of-use and high-quality printing results.

Due to its Plug & Play operation, auto-installation and lower maintenance, the 2.0 printer optimises in-shop work time and ultimately offers the end use a higher level of support.

Despite speedy service, customisation quality results match industrial-printing resolution standards.

So we've now added the MeCover on-demand system to our services. Given the growth market, this new addition more competitively positions us and responds to the need for greater dovetailing between services and accessories.

It also gives us full control over the entire hardware and software production chain, while offering our customers an increasingly more effective and personalised service range.

At SBS, we see services as a critically important and distinguising element between the on and offline markets. This is because they afford a unique chance to generate added in-store turnover while consolidating consumer brand loyalty.



It's a very simple system that requires no specific skills.

Once an SBS accessory has been purchased, the end customer goes to the service desk for customisation. The printer operator selects the target accessory and the image to print using the on-board software. It only takes a few minutes to customise the product with the specified choice of stitching, photography or inscription.

The customer can choose how to customize the accessories in a few minutes with textures, photography or writings.



We offer various types of operational support. Customers can contact us directly for information or receive assistance via e-mail or a dedicated chat service.

For any questions, or to set up MeCover in your store, please contact this e-mail address: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.. Our technical service support is guaranteed and we make a special effort to provide international coverage.

For those who already own a printer, you can take advantage of a telephone chat line, which ensures printer operators quick and convenient technical service.  Communicating via SMS lets our Service Partners keep track of requests and continually monitor  each customer history.