We know that one of the challenges for smart working people is to make their working days more engaging and less monotonous.

Starting from the idea that when our desk is well organised and equipped with everything we need we will be able to find all the concentration we need, we would like to propose some technological accessories from our SBS Work Line collection, entirely dedicated to work.

We suggest products that, in addition to their professional design, are perfect for giving your desk the right harmony for working at your best not only in the office but also from the comfort of home.


The perfect accessory for attending office meetings or conferences is the Mono Wireless Headset with multipoint technology. In addition to the convenience of having a microphone with a swivel boom, there is also a high level of comfort thanks to the ergonomic padding of the earcup and a practical charging station that will give the headset a full charge in only 2 hours. No wires will hinder its use and thanks to multipoint technology, up to two devices can be connected at the same time.


Smart working is different for everyone, but what often fills everyone's days are the countless virtual meetings, so the accessory you need to get the most out of them is undoubtedly a good headset. In the line dedicated to work, we suggest the Wireless Headset with integrated swivel microphone, which will allow you to choose between a jack plug connection or wireless mode if you prefer to have maximum freedom of movement. The comfortable design with eco-leather padding not only ensures a perfect fit, but also offers clear, crisp sound that is protected from external noise - ideal if you share your workspace with other people.


The SBS alternative option to Headset headsets are the True Wireless Stereo in-ear earphones, great for those who choose convenience and ease of use even while working. The Wireless Earset model connects to any device and gives you maximum freedom of movement thanks to the integrated microphone and multi-function buttons: these earphones are the perfect companions for smart working, first you use them to answer work calls and then, when it's time to relax, they will accompany you in listening to your favourite music.


If you find it inconvenient to use your digital keyboard directly from the screen of your devices, the perfect alternative is the Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard, compatible with any iOS, Android and Windows device. Its 44-hour battery life and lightweight, compact and ultra-thin design allow you to use it wherever you decide to work: at home, in the café or in the office. You can also use it during your breaks by connecting it to your smart TV to comfortably watch the next movie of the evening from the couch.


For writing, taking notes and drawing on your iPad as if it were a sheet of paper, the ideal accessory is the Stylus Universal Pen. You'll be able to unleash your creativity without limits, thanks to the 12-hour battery life and the Palm Rejection function. It's never been easier to edit your documents: you can write easily by resting your hand on the screen and tilt the Stylus Pen to get the thickness you need. It is an invaluable accessory for your work from home but you can also take it everywhere thanks to the magnetic attachment. If it runs out of power it will be ready to write again after only 30 minutes thanks to the recharging cable.


Smart working requires effective organisation of one's desk and functional management of one's electronic devices: to achieve the best working set-up, we recommend stands to ensure maximum stability for smartphones or tablets. These are folding table stands that offer perfect visibility from every angle, can be tilted as required and are especially recommended for video calls. The stands are the result of a fusion of a professional design that is designed to be lightweight and a high level of functionality thanks to optimal grip on any flat surface.


You no longer have to worry about your devices running out of power: while you are working, you can charge up to four of them at the same time ultra-fast, safely and without them overheating. SBS has created a compact, small but extremely high-performance 75 Watt GaN charging station that allows you to charge many types of compatible devices such as laptops, tablets, headsets, speakers and smartphones. The two USB-C ports use Power Delivery technology (read more here), allowing you to charge your favourite accessories in no time. 

It also contains gallium nitride which greatly reduces its volume, making it a perfect charging hub to have on your desk at home or in the office.


To complete your smart working desk, we conclude with the perfect accessory for your work calls, a Conference Speaker that optimises sound by reducing background noise and connects to your device via cable or convenient wireless technology. With its compact size and omni-directional microphone that captures voices up to two metres away, it is also perfect to bring into the office for business calls with multiple participants in the same room. It is the perfect accessory that combines minimalist design and high sound quality in one product.

Looking for more tech products than just for your workstation? Discover all the solutions from SBS.