Read this guide to find out how noise-cancelling headphones work and which are the best ones to choose. If you want to listen to music without being disturbed by the slightest external noise, then this accessory is the right one for you. On our page you will find all the necessary and useful information about this particular type of headphone to help you choose the best one for you.


Noise-cancelling headphones are equipped with a special technology that actively cancels out external noise, thus allowing you to hear only what is reproduced inside the headphones. In this way, they are able to prevent sound interference from your environment from disturbing your listening.

Moreover, thanks to the latest digital technology, this particular type of headphone is very effective in counteracting constant noise and continuous low frequencies such as those coming from means of transport. They are therefore able to filter out irregular sounds to perfection, eliminating any external sound interference.


The operation behind active external noise cancellation (ANC) is very simple: a sound wave is produced and superimposed on the unwanted sound in such a way as to reduce or completely cancel it out.

Noise cancelling systems recreate a reflected wave with respect to that generated by external noises: they are equipped with one or more microphones to listen to sounds coming from outside and then recreate a mirrored sound wave. This wave that has been generated then cancels out the noises, resulting in absolute silence.

The advantage of this type of headset with active noise cancelling (ANC) is that it can manage the noise cancellation completely independently, thus allowing the headset to be used and activated only when needed.


There are many models of noise-cancelling headphones, and it is not easy to find your way around the right purchase for your needs and requirements.
In our in-depth review you will find all the useful information you need to buy the best headphone model with active noise cancelling technology.


There are different types of noise-cancelling headphones: one of the distinguishing features between models is the classification between the 'on ear' and 'over ear' models, which affects the noise reduction performance. While the former rests directly on the ear and is less insulating, the 'over ear' model wraps around it completely to provide excellent insulation from external noise.


The frequency response is the range of frequencies that the headphones are able to reproduce, its extension for a higher acoustic performance depends on whether the power cable is present or not. The 'driver', on the other hand, is the loudspeaker inside each earcup that becomes an important element in choosing the best noise cancelling headphone depending on the size of its diameter.

For example, if a headphone has a 50 millimetre driver, bass reproduction is better than a model with a 35 millimetre driver. The sensitivity of headphones in relation to bass tones is important because it affects the quality of the reproduced sound.


By now, almost all noise-cancelling headphone models are wireless and connect to devices without the use of a cable. But there are still corded types of headphones that are particularly suitable for use on the move, for example when you are on a plane or train to connect to connectors. In most cases, however, the cable is removable and there is also a wireless connection option.


A very important factor in the choice of the best noise cancelling headphones is their adjustability: it is therefore a good idea to check that the headband is adjustable and that the earcups can be swivelled so as to assume the right inclination that naturally conforms with your face and head. Another important element is the function of the integrated controls. Being able to optimally manage all the options and technologies with which the headset is equipped raises the quality of the product.

There are also Wireless headset models with noise-cancelling technology, which facilitate use on the move and which have a long battery life thanks to the rechargeable battery inside its case. The clear and crisp sound accompanies listening to music, allows you to receive calls up to several metres away, and makes any gesture easy thanks to the multifunctional buttons.


Let's now see which models of SBS noise cancelling headphones and earphones are best for you. Now that you know what noise-cancelling headphones are, what they are for and how they work, based on their technical and non-technical features, you can safely choose the ones that best meet your needs.

We recommend the Slide headphones with their clean sound, deep bass and passive noise cancelling. Its soft, padded earcups offer extraordinary comfort and perfect isolation. So you can listen to your favourite music without any distractions.

For you who love wireless earphones, we at SBS have designed three different models with active noise cancelling technology.

Twin Ice are comfortable and stylish earphones with True Wireless Stereo technology to allow you to listen to music without using any wires up to 10 metres away from your connected device.
Their main feature is active noise cancelling, which completely cancels out external noise and allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favourite sound. In addition, you can activate the Transparency function to have an optimal balance between the sound in your headphones and the noise in your surroundings.

The Q-Pro earphones are high-performance, ideal for those who want only the best for music and calls. In addition to ANC technology, they connect automatically to your device as soon as you take them out of the case thanks to Hall Switch Technology. The battery life is enviable: 5 hours of music and calls even with ANC on. When discharged, the charging cradle allows up to 6 consecutive charges wirelessly wherever you are.

It doesn't end there, the case can be recharged wirelessly with a cradle or a smartphone enabled for reverse wireless charging. The ANC Q-Pro earphones from SBS are a guarantee for work and leisure!

Choosing which best noise cancelling headphone to buy is an idea that will significantly change the way you listen to music or make and receive calls. SBS's options are space-saving, lightweight, functional and versatile so that you can use them for any occasion.

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