SBS S.p.A. wishes to position itself on the market as a company qualified in the field of the design, development and marketing of telephony, IT and home entertainment products. The priority mission of SBS S.p.A. is to develop positive business with full customer satisfaction; to be chosen and appreciated by our customers means excelling in reliability, quality, price and service. In order to achieve this, SBS S.p.A. undertakes to support the following activities:

• Promotion and dissemination of a corporate culture of Quality and continuous improvement

• Achieving customer satisfaction through the provision of quality products and services

• Improvement of a Quality System in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001 (2015 version)

In addition, the Company is committed to ensuring compliance and respect for the regulations regulating the segment and for applicable and binding legislation.

The policy is disseminated to all levels of the company in order to raise awareness among all the staff, so that everyone can carry out their assigned tasks effectively and efficiently, and in compliance with the quality standards established by the Management.

It is in the interests of SBS S.p.A. to raise awareness of the management of the Quality System by means of ongoing training and information - something also achieved by disseminating the present policy at all company levels. The objectives, the related means for achieving those objectives, and the targets for improvement are defined annually at the management review, in line with the general objectives set out in the Quality Policy. Moreover, the company, through coordination and control of the Quality System, aims to ensure that the anticipated objectives are achieved and maintained, that continuous improvement is promoted, and that the concept of risk-based thinking governs the approach for all processes.


The priority mission for SBS S.p.A. is customer satisfaction for existing customers by offering new products and reliable and competitive services, and winning new customers/markets, facilitating improvement of company know-how. To achieve these objectives, the Company is committed to supporting the following activities:

• Continuous improvement and development of the products offered and of the business lines in order to satisfy all the demands of our reference market

• Follow (and anticipate) fashion trends for phone accessories (cases, films, etc.)

• Increased presence on foreign markets

• Maintaining and improving an efficient and flexible logistics system


The Quality of the products and services offered by SBS S.p.A. is determined by the knowledge and skills of each employee and teamwork at the various departments. In order to achieve these goals, SBS S.p.A. is committed to constantly monitoring these factors, investing in training and information, where necessary, and improving the efficiency of the relevant departments. These objectives are thus achieved by:

• Investing in infrastructure to improve work activities

• Constant monitoring of knowledge and skills

• Staff training


Materials and services purchased by SBS S.p.A. are fundamental components for improving the products and services offered, and it is therefore strategic to collaborate with suppliers in order to improve both the products and associated services (delivery times, management of defective products, certification etc.). Production activities are contracted out to suppliers in order to reduce costs and make sales economically viable. Collaboration involves providing suppliers with everything related to the following:

• Causes and possible solutions for non-compliant products received by the company

• Support in relation to preparing and managing the documentation necessary for shipping products

• Support and information regarding current regulations for products, shipments etc.

• Increased supervision by SBS S.p.A. at the suppliers' premises.