5000 mAh Pocket Power Bank

Portable fast-charging battery charger with Intelligent Charge; equipped with 1 Micro USB input and 2 USB outputs (1 A and 2.1A), white
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Pocket-sized power to carry with you wherever you go

The power bank has 5,000 mAh (milliampere-hour) battery capacity that can charge devices twice in a row.

Its reduced and compact size means you can take it everywhere with you, in your jacket or trouser pocket or in your hand luggage on planes.

This way you can always have your devices charged and ready for use.

A single accessory for all your devices

The blue USB 2.1A Intelligent Charge (IC) port ensures fast battery charging to 100% in 1 hour**. The power bank automatically detects the maximum power that can be absorbed by the device and adjusts accordingly. Using this power bank ensures complete safety from overheating or short circuits.

The Universal 1A USB port, meanwhile, allows you to connect any compatible smartphone cell phone model, such as Samsung, Nokia, Asus, LG, Oppo, One Plus and many more, or your headphones and earphones.

The USB-C port allows you to recharge a device through a cable with USB-C connectors and, with the included cable, you can also plug in the power bank when it runs out of power.

Charging level always under control

The power bank is equipped with a Micro-USB port where you can insert a cable with USB-A and Micro-USB connectors to recharge it.

Thanks to four status LEDs you will also have maximum precision in the energy level of your portable charger.

*Can be brought on the plane with no restrictions

** Charging times are indicative and depend on the battery capacity of the device being charged.

Key features:

  • Fully charges up to 2 times batteries with 5,000 mAh (milliampere-hour) capacity
  • One 2.1A USB port with Intelligent Charge (IC): when used individually provides fast charging of your device to 100% in 1 hour
  • One 1A USB output port for universal compatible with all models of cell phone, smartphone, headphones and earphones
  • One micro-USB input port for charging the power bank
  • One USB-C 2.1A output and input port
  • 4 status LEDs to accurately display the charge level of the power bank
  • Pocket-sized and ultra-lightweight design
  • Fast charging type
  • Can be brought on the plane with no restrictions
  • Colour: White

Contents include:

  • Pocket 5,000 milliampere-hour (mAh) white fast charging power bank with USB port 2.1A Intelligent Charge (IC)
  • Charging cable with USB-A to USB-C connectors
Technical data
USB Output:
5V - 1A
Included accessories:
Charging cable
Charging type:
Battery capacity:
5000 mAh
Recharging cable:
USB - Micro USB Cable
Micro USB Input:
5V - 2A
120 g.
5V - 2A Micro USB
Intelligent Charge
Type C output:
5 V D.C. - 2.1 A
5V - 2A
Lithium polymer battery
Type C Input:
5V D.C. - 2.1 A
USB 2 Output:
5V - 2.1A
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
90 mm.
Height Master:
190 mm.
Height Inner:
45 mm.
Height Pack:
200 mm.
Width Inner:
100 mm.
Weight Inner:
365 g.
Weight Master:
4405 g.
Width Master:
200 mm.
Depth Pack:
15 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
190 mm.
Number of products included Pack:
Weight Pack:
160 g.
Depth Master:
380 mm.