Full Body 360° protective film for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Non-slip transparent protective film with spatula to fully protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max
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Full Body 360° is the product that protects not only the screen but also the back of your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The kit contains two non-slip transparent films to apply to the screen and back of your device. Full protection from knocks and scratches on both sides of your smartphone.

The product comes with a soft spatula to help you apply the films. This accessory fits perfectly on to the screen and around the edges.

Watch the video on YouTube and follow these simple instructions to protect your device in just a few quick steps:

  • Clean the screen with the damp cloth and dry it with the dry one.
  • Remove layer "A" of the film, place it on to the screen and use the spatula to make sure that it fits smoothly
  • Remove layer "B", holding the bottom of the screen still, and use the spatula to smooth the film from bottom to top
  • Remove layer "C", holding the top of the screen still, and use the spatula to smooth the film from bottom to top. You then need to remove layer "D"
  • Use the spatula to make sure that the cover fits smoothly to the screen and around the edges, and to avoid any bubbles.
  • Repeat the same process for the back

The product includes:

  • 1 cleaning kit, with damp and dry cloths
  • 1 microfibre cloth
  • 1 soft spatula
Technical data
Anti-slide, Antiscratch, Front and back protection
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
90 mm.
Height Master:
210 mm.
Height Inner:
200 mm.
Height Pack:
200 mm.
Width Inner:
90 mm.
Weight Inner:
345 g.
Weight Master:
6225 g.
Width Master:
390 mm.
Depth Pack:
15 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
90 mm.
Weight Pack:
55 g.
Depth Master:
440 mm.
  • Apple - iPhone 11 Pro Max