Innovation enriches the consumer experience. SBS pursues research and development every day to create high-performance products. Always looking to the future, we have embraced advanced technological solutions to allow for easier daily use. In this section, you will find in-depth information on the technology used in SBS accessories. Discover the best solutions to improve the versatility of your devices.


Screen protectors and covers with D3O® technology offer superior protection for smartphones. This material absorbs and disperses the energy of impacts, reducing the risk of damage caused by drops or bumps. D3O® solutions emphasise the design of the phone, ensuring safety without compromising the aesthetics and functionality of the device.


Products equipped with Power Delivery technology boast a USB-C port capable of delivering 18W or more of power. These chargers are able to supply power at ultra high speed to many types of compatible devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops, but also iPads and MacBooks. A smartphone with a 2500 mAh battery that supports this protocol can be recharged to about 70% in just 30 minutes.


GaN wall chargers are fast, safe and smaller than standard chargers. Thanks to the high efficiency of gallium nitride (GaN), they have a very compact design that allows easy transport in a handbag or backpack. They are perfect for urgent recharging or for those who are short on time: despite their small size, they are very powerful and can recharge your smartphone or tablet in just a few minutes. Some of these wall chargers can even power laptops and MacBook Air.


SBS “Compatible with MagSafe” accessories provide safe, stable and high-performance charging to meet your charging needs. Your MagSafe-compatible iPhone will be safely secured thanks to the practical magnetic hook and is charged using 7.5 Watts of power.


USB Intelligent Charge guarantees you about 50% battery recharge in 30 minutes. The charger automatically detects the maximum power that can be absorbed by the device and adjusts accordingly. You can easily identify the IC port, as it is blue. The charger offers complete safety from overheating or short circuits.


Products featuring ADS (Automatic Detection System) technology can recognise the power requirements of the device and adjust the power output to avoid overheating and overloads. These accessories can provide power that can be varied according to the many types of compatible devices.


True Wireless Stereo technology allows you to automatically pair your wireless earbuds with each other. Plus, they conveniently wirelessly connect to your devices for maximum sound quality. Knots and tangles will now be just a thing of the past.


Dual Leader technology allows you to use one True Wireless Stereo headset in mono while the other is charged in the headset or simply stored. This system saves power and allows you to use one headset for music and calls while distinctly hearing outside noise.


Thanks to Multipoint technology, you can wirelessly connect two devices to your earbuds at the same time. You can conveniently and comfortably manage incoming and outgoing calls or listen to music from both devices without repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting them.


You can listen to your favorite tunes and take calls without any background noise or buzz to disturb you. Earbuds and headphones with Active Noise Cancelling ensure you can reduce external background noise without the need to turn up the volume to the detriment of your hearing. The sound of your playlist or your partner's voice will always be clear and crisp.


All "Made for iPhone" (MFi) accessories are made to support Apple devices, with a manufacturer's certificate of compliance with the performance standards required by Apple. So you can take full and safe advantage of compatible devices for charging, connectivity, audio/video playback or call management.


Accessories made with Extreme technology are covers, full body cases with screen protectors and ultra-strong cables. Both smartphone protectors and cables have passed stringent stress tests that have certified their durability and robustness.
These products, made from specific materials such as polyurethane and polycarbonate or aramid fibre, are ideal for all those who need accessories that will stand the test of time.


Unbreakable accessories are characterised by their ultra-resilience. In fact, these products, including covers and cables, have successfully undergone stress or drop tests, certifying their incredible robustness vis-a-vis bending and impact. They are more durable against shock, vibration and scratches than standard accessories.


If your device is Qi-compatible, or complies with the wireless charging standard, you'll be able to charge it without a cable. Thanks to Wireless Charge technology, you only need to place it on top of the power bank to start the power supply automatically.


Thanks to Dual Charge technology, you can simultaneously charge both your devices and the portable charger by connecting it to the cable included in the package. So the power bank can deliver power when it itself is charging.


Ultra-fast and safe charging of your USB devices. Thanks to Qualcomm® Quick Charge, you'll get 80% charge after just 30 minutes of power without overcharging or overheating your device.


Products with an Adaptive Fast Charge USB port can deliver up to 18 Watts of power, and can power compatible devices safely and ultra-quickly. The charge level of a device will reach about 80% in just 30 minutes without overcharging the battery. The ADF port is easily recognisable, as it is green in colour.


Your device will be protected from all bumps and scratches thanks to Molecular Glass protective film. This particular technology provides the display with 4 times more protection than a standard glass, and a long service life. The combination of Nano Fibre and PET allows for better absorption of impacts or rubbing against other objects inside pockets or bags. The film is also flexible and easy to apply, extremely touch-sensitive and scratch-resistant.


The display glass with Evisionglass® technology features a particular mirrored and multi-tone effect reminiscent of the lenses of the most famous sunglasses. Thanks to the patented polarisation process, these screen protectors keep the surface reflective when the smartphone is off or on standby. As soon as the device is switched on or operated, however, the glass will become transparent, so the display is visible.


Gli accessori SBS “Compatible with MagSafe” offrono una ricarica sicura, stabile e performante per soddisfare ogni tua esigenza di ricarica. Il tuo iPhone compatibile con alimentazione MagSafe sarà fissato stabilmente grazie al pratico gancio magnetico e ricaricato con una potenza di 7.5 Watt.