45W 20,000 mAh power bank with Power Delivery

Compact power bank that can recharge your smartphone up to 8 consecutive times
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Charge a mobile phone up to 8 consecutive times: ideal for any situation

The 20,000 mAh power bank can recharge a smartphone up to 8 consecutive times (depending on the battery of the phone being charged): enjoy your outdoor moments without worrying about finding a socket to charge your device. As it comes pre-charged , you will be able to use it immediately after purchase. Keep an eye on the remaining power level with the status LEDs and when it runs out, charge the powerbank by inserting the USB-A - Micro-USB cable into the appropriate Micro USB port

Charges up to 2 devices simultaneously

It has 2 ports, allowing you to charge up to two devices simultaneously It is perfect for phones, tablets, speakers, TWS headphones and e-readers from a variety of brands including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. 

THe USB-C port supplies 45 Watt power with Power Delivery (PD)

The USB-C port is the most powerful: it delivers a power output of 45 Watts. When connecting a single smartphone, it will be fully charged to 100% in just 15 minutes* . This port has Power Delivery technology, a charging standard that allows the safe transfer of a high level of energy. When connecting a compatible device, you'll get super fast charging with no overheating or short circuits. The USB-C port can also be used to charge the power bank by connecting it to a power source with its own compatible cable.

The USB-A port is fast and safe thanks to Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) technology

The USB-A port supplies 18 Watt power for fast charging: a mobile phone will charge in 45 minutes*. Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) technology adjusts the power supplied to adapt to the device, charging it carefully and safely.

Compact and can be taken on flights

The compact size (14 x 6.7 x 2.5 cm) of the 20,000 mAh power bank makes it easy to store in a bag or backpack. Always keep it with you, even on the plane: you can carry it with no problems in your hand luggage .

Key features:

  • 20,000 mAh: you can charge a phone up to 8 times (depending on the smartphone battery being charged)
  • you can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. In this case, the total power delivered will be 45 Watts
  • USB-C port used individually supplies 45 Watt power: mobile phone charges in 15 minutes*
  • Power Delivery (PD) technology for ultra-fast, safe charging
  • USB-A port used individually supplies 18 Watt power: mobile phone charges in 45 minutes*
  • Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) technology for fast , safe charging
  • to charge the power bank, you can use the Micro-USB port or the USB-C port
  • pre-charged: ready to use immediately after purchase
  • can be taken on flights
  • size: 14 x 6.7 x 2.5 cm
  • 4 LEDs to check the remaining charge level of the power bank

*times are approximate and depend on the battery of the device being charged

Contents include:

  • 1 USB-A - Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1 instruction manual
Technical data
USB Output:
5VDC/2.4A - Micro USB
Adaptive Fast Charge, Power Delivery (PD)
Type C output:
PD 45W
45W max
20.000 mAh
Included accessories:
1 Micro-USB cable, User manual
Type C Input:
5V D.C. 3A 9V D.C. 2A
Recharging cable:
USB - Micro USB Cable
99000 g.
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
100 mm.
Height Master:
250 mm.
Height Inner:
110 mm.
Height Pack:
190 mm.
Width Inner:
70 mm.
Weight Inner:
965 g.
Weight Master:
12040 g.
Width Master:
240 mm.
Depth Pack:
40 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
220 mm.
Weight Pack:
470 g.
Depth Master:
410 mm.