MagSafe compatible iPhone ring stand holder

The magnetic ring stand holder designed for the Apple world
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Dedicated to your iPhone compatible with MagSafe technology

The ring stand holder is equipped with magnet to be affixed to any MagSafe compatible iPhone. Simply bring it close to the shell of your mobile phone: it will be attracted automatically, remaining fixed and stable. You can remove it like an ordinary magnet: pull the ring slightly and it will come off your smartphone.

Useful, practical and multifunctional

You can use it in many ways. Use it as a simple table stand to watch photos, videos and images comfortably at all times or use it as a handle so you'll always have perfect selfies. Rotate it as you wish so you can even position the smartphone horizontally or hold it however suits you best. Thanks to the stiff arm, you can also place it on a laptop screen: it will fit perfectly without falling.

Minimal: perfectly fits your Apple iPhone

phone With its minimal circular design, this accessory will embellish your iPhone giving it a modern tech touch.

Key features:

  • MagSafe compatible: affixes to iPhone magnetically
  • with rigid arm and ring: you can use it as a table stand or selfie grip
  • Minimal material: zinc alloy
Technical data
Zinc Alloy
Suited for:
Compatible Apple devices
250 g.
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
80 mm.
Height Master:
350 mm.
Height Inner:
160 mm.
Height Pack:
180 mm.
Width Inner:
80 mm.
Weight Inner:
900 g.
Weight Master:
11695 g.
Width Master:
410 mm.
Depth Pack:
30 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
370 mm.
Weight Pack:
60 g.
Depth Master:
520 mm.