Spider Gravity smartphone holder

Circular metal-framed car smartphone holder, with automatic closure and air vent clip
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The Spider Gravity circular car smartphone holder is the ideal way to display your smartphone's screen safely while driving.

The clip allows you to attach the accessory to your car's air vents. Place your smartphone on the lower arm of the holder: the weight of the device will cause the side grips to close. Thanks to this automatic closure system, the device will be well supported.

The holder has a folding edge and no central body, which guarantees correct circulation of air from the vent without having to remove the holder.

Spider Gravity, with its modern metal design and reduced weight, is designed to support smartphones with a maximum width of 80mm.

Easily browse road maps and instantly view incoming calls without your smartphone accidentally slipping or falling.


  • Circular car support
  • Automatic closure to secure your smartphone
  • Clip to fix holder to air vent
  • For smartphones with a maximum width of 80mm
  • Metal construction
Technical data
In metal
Coupling mode:
Clip for air vent
Maximum width:
80 mm
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
200 mm.
Height Master:
240 mm.
Height Inner:
220 mm.
Height Pack:
90 mm.
Width Inner:
140 mm.
Weight Inner:
545 g.
Weight Master:
2590 g.
Width Master:
310 mm.
Depth Pack:
45 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
180 mm.
Weight Pack:
75 g.
Depth Master:
390 mm.