SBS develops and creates each of its brands as an expression of a lifestyle, of a value.

Over the years we have developed several brands that are linked but each have their own identity, enhancing brand awareness, creativity and innovation while maintaining a coherent and coordinated look that is in line with the image of the company.


Since 1994, SBS has been synonymous with sophisticated design and technology. This brand initially represented the world of mobile phone batteries and, less than five years after its founding, it entered the smartphone and tablet accessories sector before broadening its horizons in complementary areas such as apps and personalisation services.

This Italian brand is now present in various international markets, such as Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


JAZ, which stands for Just Audio Zone, was born in 2019. Technological excellence and style were the hallmarks of this brand, which began by offering audio accessories that could deliver a truly exciting sensory experience. Its range included state-of-the-art speakers, headphones and earphones to satisfy even the most demanding ears.

In 2020, in addition to maintaining a high technological standard, we decided to evolve the brand by embracing a more innovative communication trend. Exceptionally elegant and cutting-edge accessories characterised by refined material details that reflect a contemporary style: this is JAZ, a brand that represents high fidelity reproduction, perfect for an optimal listening experience but without compromising on a modern style.


Music Hero, the brand born in 2019, is a collection of headphones, earphones and speakers with a minimal and colourful style, designed to meet the needs of the youngest and most modern audience. Their durable designs and technical features make these accessories perfect for everyday use and use on the go: this collection includes a water-resistant speaker, headphones with an internal battery, and earphones with a practical charging case.


The brand EKON Home Partner was born in 2015, informed by the twenty years of experience of its parent company, SBS, in the sale of audio-video cables.           

The name includes ‘Home Partner’ because – through continuous market analyses - the company develops technologies for the home with the aim of improving and simplifying audio and video connections, which have become increasingly central to consumers’ homes.

Within consumer electronics in the home, EKON Home Partner features more than 300 products divided into macro-categories such as satellite antenna, video, audio, IT, fixed telephony, TV supports and remote controls.