If you've reached the Careers page of our website, you're probably interested in new job opportunities.
So we'd like to give you some pointers to help you understand if you're the right person for our company, or more importantly if SBS Spa is the right company for you.

Why apply?

SBS is a rapidly growing company with an average age of under 35. In just under four years we've doubled our number of employees and we're planning to recruit much more staff.
We're always looking for professionals to recruit, particularly with experience in sales, marketing, product management, quality, logistics, and finance.

Working within an expanding business means having opportunities for professional growth and always being part of new projects.
Managing growth requires two actions: investment in senior staff with proven experience within our sector, in combination with a constant search for new talent among young graduates and school-leavers who want to undergo personal growth.

Why young talent?Because SBS operates within a rapidly evolving sector responding to changing technology and following current trends.
We're looking for people who know how to express their point of view but also know how to accept constructive criticism from those with more experience.
For us, all of this is crucial in an extremely competitive and rapidly evolving market.
If you share our philosophy, don't hesitate to apply. Send your CV now to: or check out our open positions here.

Thank you for your time!