Improve your lifestyle. Go Life is a free app that helps you to find a sense of wellness. Record what you eat and how much you drink every day and find out whether your eating habits match your lifestyle. Adapt your diet to your level of physical activity. Choose the sport you want to practise, analyse your performance with accurate data on your workout, and monitor your daily goals. Discover your potential.


Go Power, which accompanies all SBS chargers, power banks and charging cables, is a free app that allows you to monitor the battery level of your smartphone and view important information such as the time it takes to fully recharge your device as well as statistics about usage and battery performance. The app also lets you know when you need to charge your device to prevent it switching off automatically.


Go Tracker, together with Taggy locators and other accessories with integrated Parking function, helps you keep track of your things: remember where you parked your car or receive a warning when you're about to leave your keys on the bar counter. Also essential for travel: it allows you to create maps of the places you visit to share with friends.


Go Selfie is an application that allows you to take photos, personalise them, and share them on social networks. By downloading the app for free, you can control the flash, apply dedicated filters and stickers to indicate the date and place where you took your best shots, as well as set the timer and self-timer.


Personalise your music. The free Go Tune app allows you to use the advanced equalisation feature of your wireless Dj Up headphones. In the app you'll find a number of preset equalisation settings for different music styles to use while listening to your favourite music. You can also create new personalised ones: save them in your list and use them whenever you want.