USB-C 3.2 compatible 100W Power Delivery charging and data cable

A durable and ultra-fast cable
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For ultra-fast charging and data transfer

This cable is characterised by its ability to transfer power at 100 Watts to smartphones, tablets and laptops when connected to chargers or power banks with this type of power. In this way, you can exploit the full potential of your power supplies and provide maximum charge to your device. It is also compatible with Power Delivery technology, which allows ultra fast and safe charging at all times: your device is protected from overheating and short circuits. Connect it to a PC to synchronise data at 10 Gbps: transfer images, videos and documents in the blink of an eye. The cable is Charge & Synch: while your device is connected for data synchronisation it will be charged at the same time.

For your devices with a USB-C port

The 1.5 metre-long USB-C cable - USB-C 1.5 is just what you need to charge a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a USB-C socket. It is also compatible with iPhone 15. The USB-C connectors can easily be inserted from any side without forcing.

The cable clip keeps it tidy and ensures easy storage.

The cable clip keeps the cable tidy. You can store it neatly inside your PC case or in your desk drawer, where it is always ready for use.

Resistant and anti-tangle: the fabric cover

The Nylon coating ensures optimal strength. The tangle-free finish also allows you to store it wherever and however you like without annoying tangles. 

Key features:

  • USB-C connectors
  • length: 1.5 metres
  • compatible with 100 Watt Power Delivery technology
  • data transfer: 10 Gbps
  • fabric covering
  • anti-tangle effect
  • charge & synch: when the device is connected to a laptop, this cable allows charging and data transfer at the same time


  • USB-C cable
  • cable clip
Technical data
Data transfer rate:
10 GB/s
Covered in soft fabric
Power Delivery 100W
Cable length:
1.5 m
Included accessories:
Cable clamp
Connector 2:
Connector 1:
USB 3.2
20 g.
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
75 mm.
Height Master:
230 mm.
Height Inner:
90 mm.
Height Pack:
170 mm.
Width Inner:
170 mm.
Weight Inner:
565 g.
Weight Master:
5100 g.
Width Master:
370 mm.
Depth Pack:
25 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
180 mm.
Weight Pack:
80 g.
Depth Master:
380 mm.