Choosing a model of wireless headset for sport requires you to make comparisons between products by comparing technical and design features in order to select the most suitable model for your needs during training. It can often be complicated to juggle the many good products on the market, so this article will try to clarify this by helping you find the ideal solution for your specific needs.

SBS's Runner Pro collection offers a wide range of products that are perfect for any type of sporting performance: to allow optimal stability and maximum freedom of movement, we offer wireless headset models with numerous headband variants and types. Let's find out which product is right for you with this guide.

Runner Neck

Ultralight stereo sport headphones with headband



When running or training in the gym, it is important to consider comfort first, which is why the choice of earphones often falls on practical wireless models, the so-called wireless earphones. To avoid any disturbance caused by the earphone wire and at the same time have the peace of mind that you won't lose them during your workout, wireless earphone models with headbands are the best solution.

The SBS product range offers different models to suit every need: on the one hand, the differences in design help in the choice thanks to the numerous options for positioning the headbands; on the other hand, thanks to the variety of technical features, it is possible to range from water-resistant earbuds to models with a long battery life for longer use.

Wired sports earphones remain an equally valid option for listening to music and podcasts during training or long walks: if you find maximum comfort while wearing this model, the most suitable SBS product for you are the Runner Neck earphones with 3.5 mm jack plug and integrated microphone. They come with a 1.2 metre long cable, which is perfect for avoiding knots and useful if you prefer not to have to recharge your accessory. The Runner Neck earphones also come with a flexible, adjustable band on the back for comfort and maximum stability even during high-intensity workouts.


If you are taking your first steps into sporting activity and don't want to devote a large budget to wireless headsets for training at home or in the gym, we have selected two options from the Runner Pro line that represent the right compromise you are looking for between quality and affordability.

The Speed 2.0 wireless earphones are for you. The in-ear design, the two soft silicone headbands and the three different sizes of earbuds to choose from give these earbuds stability and comfort for a relaxed workout. What's more, they allow you to make calls and listen to music for up to 6 hours at a time, comfortably managing each action with the integrated multifunctional controls.

If you prefer to go for an inexpensive model with a few extra product pluses, the Twin Bugs Pro in-ear earphones are practical, stable and offer full freedom of movement during sport. The True Wireless Stereo technology also allows you to conveniently pair them with each other and with your wireless devices.

The two silicone headbands guarantee an optimal grip, the multifunctional touch controls allow you to comfortably manage every action and finally, the pocket-sized case allows you to carry them with you at all times. They are the perfect accessory to accompany you on every occasion.


The Twin Airop earphones go beyond the simple wireless sports headset. They are OWS (Open Wireless Stereo), i.e. they connect without wires but do not have to be inserted inside the ear: you simply place them over the ear canal. You get an excellent balance between the sounds of the environment around you and your music: safety while running or playing sport is guaranteed. This balance is enabled by the Air Conduction System technology, which uses air to transmit the sounds emitted by the earphones to your ear. The practical integrated headbands guarantee optimal stability. They also come with a charging case with LCD screen to keep charge levels monitored. 


The Runner Pro line also offers products for those who want to invest in wireless headsets with specific technical features in line with their type of training. The first proposal has an added value compared to the other products in the collection: these are the Heart Rate Runner wireless earphones.

In addition to being equipped with ergonomic headbands, a microphone and control buttons, they also feature a technology that measures the heart rate through the earcup and are IP5X certified, allowing them to be used even in the presence of dust or sand. These in-ear earphones are extremely light, comfortable and designed to allow you to perform your favourite exercises while monitoring the intensity of your workout to find the ideal rhythm.

SBS has dedicated an entire collection to sporting activity, but that doesn't rule out that you can find your favourite workout product among the other SBS headphone or earphone selections, which feature a modern design and a wide range of colour variants to help you find the one that best suits your style.