What are the must-have accessories you shouldn't give up to take good photos with your smartphone? For when you're travelling or during your free time, but also for work or to take perfect pictures for your social posts, we have put together a photo equipment kit that allows you to take memorable photos yourself.

In this guide, let's discover all the essentials you need to capture all your best moments.

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The smartphone tripod is a very useful accessory if you want to take selfies. These 3-axis stabilisers are very convenient and allow you to take sharp, high-quality photos.

The Tripod Pro is the swivelling tripod with stand in which you can place your mobile phone, perfect for capturing your best moments. Practical and functional thanks to the 360° swivel joint, it allows you to tilt and rotate your device at any angle.

Furthermore, the Tripod Pro's great advantage is its rubber feet: these offer an optimal grip on any surface, preventing the risk of the phone falling. Extremely compact, light and handy, you can take it almost anywhere with you.

Finally, for photos like a pro there is Axis Tripod Pro, the universal telescopic tripod that allows you to take photos with maximum stability. In the practical case you can stabilise any smartphone model and tilt it to your liking for truly unique photos.

And thanks to the bubble level, your lens will always be balanced and your photos perfectly level. The tripod is the right accessory for you if you want to take really great photos: extend it to the height you want to have full control over every shot.


Don't give up the convenience with which you take beautiful photos with your Reflex camera.

In our Photo collection you will find a fantastic tripod kit with Reflex grip that allows you to take professional pictures even when using your smartphone. Turn your phone into a Reflex camera by inserting it into the holder with non-slip grip. This gives you all the stability and security you need to take landscape pictures with one hand while on the move without any risk of falling. This is an ideal accessory if you want to take close-up shots and keep a firm grip on your phone.


Want to take perfect close-ups while shooting from a distance? Then the right accessory to think about is a wireless selfie pole to go with your smartphone. From our SBS Photo line we offer two that should never be missing from your photo equipment kit.

The Selfie Stick Tripod Light is a selfie stick with a tripod and integrated LED light that allows you to take great photos in a practical and easy way. Simply attach your smartphone to the tripod and pair it with the included wireless remote control to create wireless photos. In addition, you can always highlight every detail and take pictures in all conditions by adjusting the LED light to the right illumination. Thanks to the extendable pole, you can also take panoramic selfies or perfect close-ups.

If you want a super compact, lightweight and durable selfie stick then don't miss out on the Tripod Selfie Stick Pro, the selfie stick with integrated tripod and LED light that allows you to take steady photos even from a distance.

Its elegant and refined aluminium finish makes it an even more durable accessory for prolonged use without sacrificing lightness and practicality. What's more, you can always take it with you: when closed it takes up very little space, so you can put it in your backpack or handbag and have it with you at all times.


If you are looking for a small, compact and even lighter accessory for taking original and beautiful photos with your smartphone, then the selfie ring is the right solution. Practical, functional and suitable for every device model thanks to the convenient clip attachment.

Clip it onto the top of your phone and with a simple gesture choose the perfect light intensity to take as many photos as you want. For truly perfect selfies we recommend the Selfie Ring Light, with 3 different light intensity levels between white, warm or natural.

For original and creative shots, try the RGB Selfie Ring, the tripod with multicolour LED ring. Perfect for giving your creations a very special touch through 10 different brightness levels. The LED ring with a diameter of 25 centimetres allows you to change colour with different combinations to always create the right atmosphere in each of your shots.

To take beautiful photos from above with the right lighting from the SBS Photo line, we have the right accessory for you: the extendable Selfie Ring. The extra advantage over other tripods is the tripod, which can reach a maximum extension of 1.60 metres to allow you to take photos comfortably from the height you prefer.

Simply place your phone on the stand, stabilise it in the position that suits you best and use the integrated LED ring to choose the perfect brightness for your shot. It will bring out the best in all your photos.

But if you prefer to have fun taking really original shots, the RGB Selfie Ring gives you plenty of coloured light options to choose the ideal one for your photos.

Fixed light, multicoloured gradient or double light - your selfie will be unique and distinctive.


Another must-have accessory for taking great photos with your smartphone is the Squid Tripod Pro, the articulated tripod suitable for any occasion! Compatible with any smartphone model, this tripod comes with a mounting shell that optimally stabilises your device while keeping it perfectly still.

You will be able to take your photos from any angle by rotating it 360° to your liking so that you can take extraordinary pictures from any perspective. In addition, the tripod is characterised by its flexible, articulated legs that allow you to wrap it around any pole, trunk, post or embed it in walls or rocks. The grip is stable and non-slip so that you can be sure in any situation.


If you want to express all your creativity to take beautiful photos with your smartphone, then the perfect accessory for you is the Sunset Light, the multicoloured LED background light.

This light allows you to create unique atmospheres for your shots. You can choose from up to 7 different combinations and 3 different white light intensities to find the one that best suits your needs. Moreover, thanks to the extendable rod you can create fantastic light effects from any angle.

SBS has dedicated an entire collection to photography enthusiasts with the essential accessories you need to take beautiful photos with your smartphone. Discover also the other products to add to your photo kit to take shots like a true professional.