Are you sure you know which is the best fitness tracker for your workout? There are now many variants and models made for each individual need and with specific features designed to best monitor your sporting activity.


If you thought fitness trackers were just a synonym for smartwatches, you will now discover that this is not the case.
Fitness trackers are wearable devices on the wrist that resemble a bracelet or a watch in shape and style, whose purpose is to support physical activity and sport. Fitness trackers are designed to monitor and record basic parameters related to the wearer's daily activities, such as the number of steps, the amount of calories burned and distances travelled, but also more advanced and connectivity functions such as an alarm clock or incoming notifications.

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Next Watch

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Fitness tracker, heart rate monitor



If you are looking for a light and compact wrist device, a fitness tracker is characterised by a minimalist design with maximum comfort, also thanks to its small display.

The advantage of fitness trackers is definitely their battery life. Having fewer functions and a smaller screen, the battery life is longer than that of a smartwatch.

An important element to consider if you are looking for a device that supports you throughout the day.


The operation of fitness trackers is really very simple and straightforward. We have seen how, among their basic functions, you can easily keep track of your heart rate, the number of calories burned or kilometres covered.

To these you can add more advanced but extremely clear and precise options that allow you to calculate the number of steps taken during the day and the distance covered, measure the intensity of your sporting activity, set your alarm clock time, activate the vibration option for incoming notifications and activate a signal that alerts you if you have been stationary for too long.

All directly from the small screen you wear on your wrist. Light, practical, discreet: fitness trackers are real smart jewellery that you can wear every day. An ideal tool for monitoring your vital values conveniently, quickly and intuitively.


Smartwatches, on the other hand, are wristwatches that include basic activity tracking features, but are also equipped with full sports and smart functions that can connect to your other devices for easy access to emails, messages and notifications at all times. Their design is more robust than that of fitness trackers and the screen is larger and in high resolution.

The strength of smartwatches is therefore their broad connectivity: these devices allow you to download data, store music, make and receive calls or access contactless payment. In addition, they are equipped with more advanced software that provides for the use of sport-specific apps, recording progress and information related to your health and sporting activity.


In this list we have prepared for you, you can find all the best SBS fitness trackers designed to meet your every need and requirement.
If you are on a tight budget and don't want to spend too much money, we recommend Vital Fit.

Vital Fit is a convenient fitness tracker that helps you keep track of your notifications and your sporting activity. In addition to the many fitness functions, this accessory helps you receive all your notifications and incoming calls.
In addition, you can stay up to date with the weather, activate the stopwatch and check the quality of your sleep.
The adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit at all times of day.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for fitness trackers that are even more complete, advanced in functionality and minimalist in design, then we at SBS have come up with three different fitness watch models that are just right for you.

Chroma Fit is the best choice for you who love wellness and sport: specially designed to help you discover how good it feels to be fit thanks to all the functions dedicated to your health and sleep monitoring. In addition, on its slim colour LCD screen you can conveniently view all incoming notifications of messages, emails and calls.

Within the SBS collection you'll also find Snap Fitness, a truly stylish accessory perfect for you who love sport and don't want to carry your smartphone around with you all the time. Before exercising, you can go to the "Training" selection and choose the sport you want to practise. You can leave your phone at home and work out in complete freedom: Snap Fitness will record and save all your training data.

If, on the other hand, you are a music lover and never miss out on the perfect soundtrack to your workouts, we recommend the Go Life Watch HR: ideal for monitoring your daily physical activity, but also for setting silent alarms and controlling the playback of your favourite playlist from during your workouts. In addition, its elegant OLED screen with touch controls allows you to activate each function with a simple gesture.

Finally, in our SBS collection you can find two more good fitness tracker options.

Next Watch is designed for you who love a retro yet functional style like that of analogue watches: this accessory is in fact equipped with hands accompanied by an interactive display that keeps track of all your physical performance. If you connect it to our Go Life App, you can also activate the "Watch Finder" function so that you can see where you put it on your device.

Now that you have found the fitness tracker that best suits your needs, complete your training kit and discover all the fantastic accessories in our SBS sports line.