Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the best accessories for the iPhone 15. If you're a owner of this Apple smartphone, you'll certainly want to make the most of its incredible capabilities. That's why we've carefully selected a wide range of accessories that will not only protect and enhance the use of your iPhone 15, but also make it even more functional and stylish.

In our guide, we explore a range of accessory options designed specifically to meet your personal needs and preferences. From stylish, colourful covers that will add a touch of personality to your device, to reliable powerbanks and chargers to ensure your iPhone 15 is always charged to the max, and accessories compatible with MagSafe magnetic charging that will simplify your everyday life.

Plus, if you're a music lover or make frequent calls, you'll find helpful tips on Type-C connector earbuds or wireless earbuds to ensure an uncompromised audio experience.

Don't miss the oportunity to discover how to make your iPhone 15 even more special with high-quality accessories from SBS. Read on to learn about all the options available and choose the perfect accessories for you and your device!


SBS cases for iPhone 15 represent the perfect combination of style, protection and functionality for the most demanding users. The Instinct case offers a hard TPU shell that protects the phone from bumps and scratches, while a microfibre lining adds a touch of sophistication. In addition, the cases cover the side buttons without compromising functionality and feature a camera hole for unobstructed shots.

The elegantly designed Book Wallet Lite case adds a touch of minimalist elegance with neat stitching and high-quality materials. The magnetic closure makes it practical to carry, and the internal pockets allow you to store important papers and documents. Both cases offer complete protection for the iPhone 15, without sacrificing style and practicality.

SBS has two particularly resistant cases in its range, the Extreme X3 and the Extreme X2, both designed to offer maximum protection for the iPhone 15. Both cases are lightweight, transparent and incredibly resistant. The Extreme X3 is made of a combination of 2 materials (TPU and TPE) and has been certified to withstand drops up to 3 metres high.

This case offers complete protection, including the edges covering the side buttons, without compromising the phone's functionality. The Extreme X2, on the other hand, is made of TPU and has been tested to withstand drops up to 2 metres high. This case also protects the camera area and the side buttons. Both cases are designed to ensure instant photo and video creation through the rear holes.

Choose the case that best suits your protection needs, knowing that they both offer a combination of lightness, transparency and durability to keep your iPhone 15 safe and offer excellent performance.


SBS offers a wide range of chargers and powerbanks compatible with Apple's MagSafe charging technology.

SBS's chargers feature powerful magnets that align perfectly with the back of your iPhone, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. This means you no longer have to worry about positioning your phone correctly on the charger. In addition, compatible powerbanks offer a portable charging solution for your Apple devices, allowing you to keep your phone charged on the go.

With a sleek design and reliable performance, SBS's MagSafe chargers and powerbanks are the ideal choice for Apple users looking for maximum convenience when charging their devices.

iPhone 15 has also been much talked about for the connector change from Lightning to USB-C, SBS offers many charging solutions with this connector type. Check out the USB-C Power Delivery cables that allow ultra-fast and secure charging of your Apple smartphone. All SBS cables are anti-tangle and are also used for data transfer, some are coated in soft silicone, while others are made of durable fabric: you have a very wide choice.


SBS offers a variety of iPhone 15 cases, all compatible with MagSafe charging. The Instinct Mag case features a MagSafe magnetic docking station for convenient charging without removing the protection, combining soft touch with effective protection from bumps and scratches. The Mag Stand Case is versatile, enabling MagSafe wireless charging and offering a stand function thanks to a magnetic ring.

The Book case protects the phone from bumps and scratches, is MagSafe compatible and offers compartments for cards and documents. Finally, the Extreme Mag case is lightweight, transparent and resistant, certified for drops up to 3 metres and compatible with MagSafe. SBS offers you cases that combine style, protection and functionality to keep your iPhone 15 safe and at peak performance.

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Light Mag Case

compatible with MagSafe charging, iPhone 15 Plus/14 Plus


The Pure Drops are wireless earphones ideal for those who prefer a wireless experience, providing exceptional sound quality and intuitive touch controls. The HD microphone with noise reduction technology will allow the other party to hear your voice clearly.

The USB-C earphones from SBS are also fully compatible with the iPhone 15. Check out the coloured, metal-designed, semi-in-ear earphones or the in-ear earphones that are also suitable for sports.

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USB-C headset, integrated microphone, semi in-ear


To find out more about the world of iPhone 15 accessories, please visit our protection page. Find cases and slides that are right for you.