With this guide on travel accessories, you will discover how to always have your accessories charged on the go! With our products, including chargers, charging stations, power banks, car chargers, and cables, you can rely on a charging solution where and when you need it most.

Each SBS charger is designed for maximum efficiency and convenience, ensuring that you will never run out of power during your travels. Choose from a wide selection of high-quality chargers, multifunctional charging stations, powerful and compact power banks, fast car chargers and durable cables to keep all your devices charged and ready for use. Choose the solution that best suits your needs!


SBS's NanoTube powerbanks are the perfect solution for those who are always on the move and need a reliable and fast charge for their devices. Thanks to their advanced technology and compact design, the NanoTube powerbanks offer excellent power performance, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability.

Perfect for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, these powerbanks are a must-have for travellers as they can be transported by plane without restriction, professionals moving from one office to another and anyone who needs extra power during the day.


The colourful, magnetic 5,000mAh power banks are perfect for those looking for a wireless charging solution compatible with the iPhones' MagSafe technology. Use them straight out of the box: these chargers are pre-charged.

These power banks offer not only optimal functionality and compatibility, but also a touch of style thanks to the variety of colours available. Ideal for keeping your devices charged and ready to use without the hassle of cables, SBS power banks are essential for those who are always on the move. Never run out of charge, choose the convenience and effectiveness of SBS power banks.


Discover the power and efficiency of SBS's GaN and NanoTube wall chargers, designed to offer ultra-fast and safe charging for all your devices. These chargers are characterised by their extremely compact size and charging power.

Our travel adapters, on the other hand, are ideal for your trips abroad thanks to their different types of wall plugs. With SBS, you are always charged and ready to go, wherever you are!


Explore the range of MagSafe compatible car chargers and mobile phone holders, the perfect solution to keep your devices charged while driving. These chargers feature magnetic charging compatibility for iPhones.

Easy to use and quick to charge smartphones, SBS car chargers are essential for frequent travellers who need a reliable and safe charging solution. You will always have a stable mobile phone and a clearly visible display to consult road maps and notice incoming calls immediately.


USB-C to USB-C cables are designed to combine fast data transfer or charging and style. Our magnetically finished cables offer a stable connection and are tangle-free thanks to their innovative design.

Furthermore, the colourful textile cables are not only durable and wear-resistant, but also include a handy cable clip to keep your workstation tidy. Ideal for synchronising and charging your devices quickly and efficiently, SBS cables are the perfect choice for those looking for quality and convenience.


Discover SBS solar panels and power stations, the ideal choice for those looking for a sustainable and powerful solution for power generation. SBS solar panels effectively transform sunlight into electricity: you can power multiple devices in an environmentally sustainable way.

The power stations are designed for reliability and durability. Thanks to their powerful wattage, they are able to charge several devices at once, such as notebooks, camping lights and other small travel appliances. Discover all the devices in the E-Energy collection!