USB car charger - Quick Charge

18W battery charger with 2.1 A USB outputs and Quick Charge 3.0, Intelligent Charge
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This 18W car charger is the ideal accessory to charge your devices while you travel.
The portable power supply has two USB outputs: a 10W and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 18W. Thanks to this technology, you can recharge your devices very quickly and safely.
Use is simple and intuitive: connect the charger to the cigarette lighter/12V socket of your car and insert the charging cable of your device into the charger's USB output.
The Intelligent Charge technology allows this power supply to automatically recognize the maximum charging power your device can absorb and regulate it accordingly, providing energy quickly. In fact, in just 30 minutes, the charge level of your device will already be at 80%.
Travel without a care thanks to this car charger: an indispensable product for tackling long journeys with your devices always powered-up.


  • Battery capacity: 18W
  • 2 universal USB outputs (2.1 A, Quick Charge 3.0)
  • Intelligent Charge
  • Device charge level after 30 minutes with Quick Charge: 80% *
  • Status LED

* charging times are approximate and will depend on the device being recharged.

Technical data
Type of charge:
car mobile phone
USB Output:
5V D.C.-3A/9V D.C.-2A/12V D.C.-1.5A
2 x USB
Input voltage:
Connector 2:
USB QC 3.0
Other features:
Intelligent Charge
Connector 1:
USB 2.1A
Charging type:
Quick Charge
Battery capacity:
3600 mAh
26 g.
Maximum output power:
18 W
12/24 VDC
Quick Charge 3.0
5V D.C.-3A/9V D.C.-2A/12V D.C.-1.5A - 5V D.C.-2.1A
Plug type:
Cigarette lighter/12V socket
USB 2 Output:
5V D.C.-2.1 A
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
80 mm.
Height Master:
230 mm.
Height Inner:
90 mm.
Height Pack:
200 mm.
Width Inner:
100 mm.
Weight Inner:
370 g.
Weight Master:
3690 g.
Width Master:
280 mm.
Depth Pack:
30 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
250 mm.
Weight Pack:
55 g.
Depth Master:
380 mm.