Travel adapter

Earphone travel adapter with a 3.5 mm male jack and a 3.5 mm female jack
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Aircraft seats are often equipped with special audio sockets that prevent us from using our own headphones or earphones during flights. However, in order to make long flights more enjoyable, SBS has added this handy adapter jack to its Travel Line. Equipped with two 3.5 mm male jacks and a 3.5 mm female jack, this adapter will allow you to connect your headphones or your earphones to conventional airplane sockets.


  • Connectors: 3.5 mm jack
Technical data
1 x Jack 3.5 mm female, 2 x jack 3,5 mm male
Connector 2:
Jack 3,5 mm Female
Connector 1:
2 x jack 3,5 mm male
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
75 mm.
Height Master:
237 mm.
Height Inner:
212 mm.
Height Pack:
200 mm.
Width Inner:
83 mm.
Weight Inner:
500 g.
Weight Master:
2200 g.
Width Master:
346 mm.
Depth Pack:
10 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
175 mm.
Weight Pack:
21 g.
Depth Master:
187 mm.