Wireless telescopic car mount with suction cup for smartphones and iPhones

Compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging: the perfect holder for any type of vehicle
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Arm can extend up to 12 centimetres

This telescopic car phone holder is equipped with an extendable arm to ensure ease of use even in campervans and vans

For the windscreen or dashboard

Enjoy true freedom with this mobile phone holder. You can fix it anywhere on the windscreen or dashboard thanks to the integrated suction cup

Magnetic attachment

Your Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei or Oppo phone can be attached to the mount magnetically. If you have an iPhone with MagSafe charging, simply hold it close to the round surface of the holder. If, on the other hand, you have an Android smartphone, you can simply attach the included magnetic ring to the phone casing. Mount your device vertically or horizontally with total peace of mind.

15-watt wireless charging

By connecting the holder to a car charger or the USB-A port of your vehicle via the included USB-A–USB-C cable, the magnetic surface will deliver 15 watts of power. Compatible phones can therefore benefit from wireless charging. Thanks to the Automatic Detection System (ADS) technology, which regulates the energy delivered, you will always enjoy safe charging, even with devices requiring less than 15 watts of power.


Thanks to the adjustable joint, you can angle and tilt the surface of the mount however you wish.

Key features:

  • telescopic arm, which can be extended up to 12 cm
  • 15-watt wireless charging
  • Magsafe-compatible magnetic attachment
  • Automatic Detection System (ADS) technology: regulates the energy transmitted for safe charging
  • suction cup attachment
  • tiltable

What's included:

  • 1 magnetic ring
  • 1 power cable
Technical data
ADS (Automatic Detection System), Compatible with MagSafe, Wireless
Included accessories:
1 metal plate, Power cable
Shaft length:
12 cm
Corrente di uscita:
100 g.
Coupling mode:
Suction cup for windshield or dashboard
Amount Master:
Width Pack:
90 mm.
Height Master:
460 mm.
Height Inner:
220 mm.
Height Pack:
200 mm.
Width Inner:
180 mm.
Weight Inner:
1155 g.
Weight Master:
9895 g.
Width Master:
380 mm.
Depth Pack:
60 mm.
Amount Inner:
Depth Inner:
200 mm.
Weight Pack:
180 g.
Depth Master:
390 mm.