Tomorrow's changes begin with today's choices.

Green_e is the company, created in partnership with the French company of the same name, that offers a solution that is respectful and sustainable for the planet.

In fact, the wall chargers and charging cables are made of recycled and recyclable materials, giving new life to used equipment and reducing the environmental impact.

This first circular economy project represents an added value for the pursuit of our long-term goals: it perfectly complements the choices made in recent years to make our business more sustainable.


1. Eco-design certification

The accessories in this collection have been awarded the European certification of eco-design: plugged into a power outlet, they offer the best ratio of charging power to electricity consumption.

2. Recycled and 100% recyclable materials

The accessories in this collection have a minimal ecological impact: they are made from recycled and fully recyclable materials to reduce waste and promote responsible consumption.

3. Limitation of the carbon footprint

SBS and green_e are two very similar companies: we reduce our environmental footprint through reforestation and reforestation projects.

4. Better quality for a better performance

The accessories in this collection have been made with quality materials to last over time. Resistance and durability tests carried out in the laboratory ensure that cables and chargers can be used for 10 years.

5. Collection

The central focus of this project is the PLA packaging, made of biodegradable materials and designed in every detail to be reused as an innovative recycling kit. Using the prepaid shipping label in the package, everyone can take action and make a difference: insert your old cable or charger in the envelope, apply the label and post it in any mailbox. Recycling has never been easier!

6. Recycling

The products you decide to recycle are sent to WEEECYCLING, a partner that specialises in extracting rare and precious metals from IT, electronic and telecom waste. Here, metal parts are separated from plastic parts, refurbished and prepared to create new objects.