Ultra-resistant mobile phone protectors: the guide to covers and screen protectors with D3O® technology

Why choose SBS covers and screen protectors with D3O technology

Choosing an SBS cover or screen protector with D3O technology is a conscious and targeted choice for those who want to leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting their mobile phone.

D3O technology is specifically designed to offer excellent protection against drops, shocks and accidental impacts. This material is renowned for its unique properties of absorbing and dissipating energy from shocks, drastically minimising the possibility of damage to the device.

Finally, D3O technology excellently combines aesthetics and advanced protection. Cases and screen protectors do not affect the design of your device, which remains perfectly usable in all its functionality.

How D3O technology works

The principle behind D3O technology is simple but profoundly effective: upon impact, the molecules of the material align to form an impenetrable barrier that absorbs and disperses the energy of the impact.

This process, typical of non-Newtonian fluids, allows D3O to instantly transform from soft and flexible to a solid state, offering superior protection at the very moment of need.

Once the energy of the impact is dissipated, the material returns to its original form, soft and flexible, ready to absorb and protect against new shocks.

This ability to 'reset' itself after impact makes D3O technology ideal for use in covers and screen protectors for smartphones, where the need for protection is continuous and the risks of drops or bumps are frequent.

Compatible with MagSafe charging cases

The ultra-durable MagSafe compatible charging case with D3O is the ideal choice for those who want maximum protection and convenience in one accessory. This case not only provides optimal security for your iPhone but also allows you to charge your phone in MagSafe mode without removing it. The slim, lightweight design allows for wireless power and makes this case an essential accessory for those seeking protection, style and convenience.

Cases for iPhone and Samsung

For those who do not use MagSafe charging but still want high protection, the iPhone and Samsung case offers all the benefits of D3O technology in a stylish and practical design. This case provides excellent protection against drops and shocks, keeping your device safe in every situation. Its light weight and slim design make it the perfect choice for those seeking maximum protection without any bulk.

Screen Protector with D3O technology

D3O display glass is the optimal choice for those who want to protect their smartphone screen without compromising visibility or functionality. This glass is almost invisible but offers exceptional impact resistance, ensuring that the display remains intact even after drops or impacts. The ease of application and compatibility with touch functionality and facial recognition make it a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to ensure maximum security for their mobile phone.