The guide to the best object locator: the Apple Find My compatible tracker

The Tracker Compatible with Apple Find My Technology: the object finder you've wanted for a long time.

Have you ever lost your keys or forgotten where you parked your bike? With the new SBS tracker compatible with Apple Find My technology, these problems are a thing of the past. This innovative tracking device allows you to keep track of and easily find all your most precious objects.

Choose the perfect offer for you

In addition to the single tracker, we offer bundle options that allow you to purchase multiple devices at a favourable price. That's why you might want to consider buying multiple trackers.
More coverage: With multiple trackers, you can track more objects at once, from your laptop bag to your house keys.
Share with the family: By equipping your family members with one tracker each, everyone will enjoy the same peace of mind and security.
Reduced costs: By purchasing our bundle packages, the price per unit is reduced, allowing you to save significantly compared to buying individual trackers.

Your world, always at your fingertips

The object tracker has several functionalities. Let's discover together the main features that will make you choose this tracker.
Ready to use: take it out of the box, pair it with the 'Where is it' app on your iOS device and start tracking immediately.
Locate at a distance: the alarm has a volume of 90 to 100 dB, so the tracker is audible up to 50 metres away, making it easy to locate lost items even in noisy environments.
Versatility: the included removable lanyard allows you to attach the tracker to any item you wish to keep safe, from a handbag to a set of keys.

Security and control in one click

Thanks to compatibility with Apple's global Find My network, you can rest easy knowing that your items can be tracked almost anywhere in the world. This tracker is not just a device, but a true travelling companion that provides peace of mind while protecting what's important to you.
Never lose sight of your most important items again. Buy your SBS tracker now and you will always be sure to find everything!