New generations of consumers are demonstrating behaviours that are completely different from that of their predecessors: they have grown up in the era of climate change and this makes them much more attentive to the sustainable consumption of resources.

The problem of environmental pollution and waste disposal occupies an increasingly large space in the daily debate.

Consumers, who are aware of their role in the circular management of resources - from the shelf to the final disposal of waste - select their purchases by considering the price and quality of a good or service but also its social and environmental impact.

As a result, companies have similarly begun to question their choices: packaging, for example, an essential marketing element that wraps the product and gives it a distinctive functional and aesthetic feature, can be a sustainable element made from recycled or recyclable materials capable of contributing to the preservation of the planet.

SBS is committed to making the packaging of all its products increasingly sustainable.

We have set ourselves three important objectives to be reached by 2023:

- To eliminate plastic completely.
- To commit to the use of recycled paper.
- To reduce packaging materials and simplify their disposal.