Is there still time to save the planet? If we restore the forests, yes.

In fact, trees play a fundamental role in preserving biodiversity, maintaining climate balances and therefore counteracting the effects of global warming.

Reforestation has a very important value: not only does it restore lost habitats, but it also balances the negative consequences of human activities.

Understanding the importance of this issue, we have firmly embraced the zeroCO2 reforestation project, an initiative that makes our idea of environmental and social sustainability even more concrete.

Together, we have developed a three-year programme to absorb CO2 emissions (the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming) through the planting of forest and fruit trees in Italy, Guatemala, and Peru, support rural communities, and contribute to the local economy.

zeroCO2 is an Italian organisation with the primary objective of combating the climate crisis by promoting a model of sustainable development. It carries out reforestation, afforestation, and tree-planting projects in urban and suburban areas in various locations around the world and aims (among other things) to protect the natural world. It directly manages the process of planting the trees, cultivating them until they are delivered to the farming communities: each individual tree is, in fact, donated to local farmers who will take care of it and will benefit from the fruits produced. Education is the driver of sustainable development. This is why zeroCO2 works with local universities to support partner communities through courses on organic farming and sustainable land management.