Sandro Storti


CEO and co-founder, Sandro has witnessed the creation, growth, and expansion of SBS both in Italy and across international markets from 1994 to the present day. Always at the forefront of operations, he has contributed to the company's growth through his dedication, perseverance, and continuous investment. These three key factors have allowed SBS to continuously innovate and develop within a sector that is defined by continuous, significant changes.      
Sandro is convinced that SBS can continue to grow thanks to the highly skilled team of professionals he has been able to bring together over the years. 

Mattia Marchesa Grandi

Sales Director Italy

With the company since 2014, after an initial coaching period with Trade Marketing Mattia became responsible for the Italian market's accounts, and later assumed the role of Channel Sales Manager for the Large-Scale Distribution channel. These experiences have solidified his professional skills, making him a benchmark within SBS.  
Thanks to his in-depth market knowledge, in 2018 he was additionally called upon to implement the company's strategic objectives, as well as the prestige of the SBS brand. Mattia believes that, at present, SBS is an innovative company not only in terms of products but also in market vision; the goal is, and increasingly will be, providing its customers with renewed tools to increase not only sales but also the average price through personalising the shopping experience.

Marco Visconti

Marketing Director

Marco holds over 15 years of experience in the purchasing departments of large retailers, including Conforama. He joined SBS in 2013 assuming the role of Marketing and Purchasing Manager. Committed to SBS's team of professionals, he firmly believes in the company's constant growth, driven by product innovation and new market opportunities.

Marco Iadeluca

Italy Sales Manager

After spending a few years as an army officer, Marco began his sales career in the cosmetics industry. From there he moved on to Caterpillar, and after he joined the world of consumer electronics which he is passionate about. Unicell, Dangaard Telecom, E-Motion, and Fonex, are just some of the companies Marco gained experience with and held his first managerial roles in before beginning his adventure with SBS. Marco admires the Miasino based company's great innovation and ability to manage accessory development alongside high-level planning, a factor he feels is sure to make all the difference in the years to come.

Giorgio Stella


After graduating in Economics, Giorgio undertook a significant professional experience in accounts auditing within Deloitte & Touche's Milan office. Through that experience, he gained insight into the administrative and accountancy dynamics of large Italian and foreign multinational groups operating across various sectors, from real estate to trade distribution.  Giorgo later went on to work for a leading local industrial firm within their administration, finance, and control department. He joined SBS in 2017, drawn in by the challenge of working for a young, rapidly growing company, defined by their great innovative spirit.

Leonardo Santoro

HR Manager

The Personel Director of SBS. Leonardo decided to seize his opportunity to work for the company in May 2014 after many years in HR consultancy. He was fortunate enough to come aboard during a period of significant growth and internal restructuring. In fact, during Leonardo's first two years at SBS, not only was there a large increase in the number of employees, but also the significant task of internal restructuring involving sales, product management roles, and in particular the start-up of two new company divisions: one responsible for APP creation and another responsible for the Retail Project.

Alexander Karelin


For over twenty years Alexander has worked within software and web development, and he directs SBS's Web and Mobile R&D department. The world of platforms, which applications and websites are being developed on, is constantly evolving and growing. Alexander, however, believes that the future will bring even more interesting aspects, and the experience he has acquired over the years is essential to address it.


IT Manager

For over two decades, he held the role of IT Manager in the engineering industry. At the end of 2020, he decided to relaunch himself by joining the SBS project, armed with the experience gained in the digitalisation of business processes.Corrado is convinced that the company will continue on its growth and development path, which will require constant innovation in its information systems.

Filippo Caresana

E-commerce Manager

With a degree in economics, Filippo has worked in omnichannel retail, marketing, and communications for major multinational firms such as Decathlon, Darty, and QVC, experiencing the relationship with customers initially as a store manager and later as the head of e-commerce. After working within consultancy for Reply, where he gained insight into e-commerce projects in the world of retail, he decided to take on the challenge of SBS, drawn in by the opportunity to work for a dynamic and innovative Italian brand that sees new growth opportunities in the digital market.

Federico Erbea

Head of Product Management

Married with two children, Business and Economics graduate Federico has grown alongside SBS which he joined as an intern in 1999. Over the years he has worked in many areas, starting from the commercial back office, initially as an agent/Merchandiser, then as Junior Marketing Manager, allowing him to gain familiarity with business trends and eventually undertake the role of Product Manager which he still holds today. Federico sees SBS's rapid growth as guaranteed by the company's expansion across new markets, and sustained by the vast experience of our managers.


Trade Marketing Manager

Married, with two children, a runner and trail lover, Matteo graduated in economics and in this work his interest has focused on Trade Marketing. Convinced that the application of technical specifications and sales plans is the ideal strategic key to improving the customer experience, he has over 15 years of experience in large-scale retail. Between Italy and France he has worked with major brands, such as Conforama and Gruppo ADEO, as a product and category manager. His interest in the technology segment, connected with each distribution channel, fuels the strong desire he has to help the end customer find the perfect product within the shortest possible time. In SBS he has found a group of innovative and highly passionate professionals who work for the common corporate good, "helping people communicate even better".

Silvia Farinello

Design Manager

Passionate about visual arts, Silvia has a wealth of experience in graphics, packaging, and publishing. With SBS since 2004, she has strengthened her skills alongside a motivated and curious team. Today Silvia coordinates a group of professionals who work with dedication, creativity, and innovation, delivering high-quality results in a market with increasingly more attention to detail. Silvia values SBS's ability to anticipate trends with drive and freshness, passionately taking on each professional challenge.

Luigi Colombo

Logistic Manager

After acquiring over a decade of experience in the transport and shipping sector, Luigi spent two years working within warehouse logistics for a leading company within the fashion industry. Within SBS, Luigi deals with relationships with suppliers for transport services (carriers, express couriers, and forwarding agents) and all shipping related activities (potential customs operations, technical shipping regulations, transport regulations of dangerous goods). He liaises with the warehouse for import activities (receiving offices, stock reserves, and quality control procedures), reserving and collecting stock. Luigi sees the SBS group's constant growth as supported by the cutting edge logistics site in Paruzzaro (NO).

Marco Libera

Warehouse and Logistic Manager

Married with three children, Marco has been part of the SBS family since 2005. Within the Piedmont company, he has had the opportunity to grow and develop professionally; growth that, after 11 years of experience, has led him to become the Warehouse manager. Marco sees SBS's continuous expansion throughout Italy and Europe as enhanced and supported by the already numerous, continuously growing team.

Lorenzo cavigioli

Warehouse Manager

After joining SBS in 2017 with an internship contract, over the years he has had the opportunity to take training, grow professionally and achieve challenging goals, and eventually became Warehouse Manager. He has also personally contributed to the development and transformation of the new logistics hub in Paruzzaro: now the management and preparation of orders are supported by state-of-the-art automatic systems. With the conviction that SBS's growth is only just beginning, Lorenzo is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

Daniele Crispino

Quality Manager

Father to Leonardo and Diego, and electrical engineering graduate, Daniele gained experience in quality, testing and certifying products, and working with major operating companies worldwide.
Daniele's first significant professional experience was in an accredited testing laboratory offering technology services to businesses as well as consultancy and product testing. After, he gained extensive experience in product production for bathroom and kitchen, through which he was able to gain in-depth knowledge of certification, techniques, and legal aspects of intellectual property.
Passionate about music and technology, he believes that with the aim of continuous improvement, it is essential to find a balance between optimising processes, being flexible, and having the ability to innovate.