Founded in 1994 in the province of Novara, SBS is internationally renowned in the field of accessories for smartphones and tablets, audio and home.

Innovation and service are our mantra when developing our product lines.

This is the philosophy that led SBS to develop various ranges of accessories, firstly in the smartphone protection sector and shortly thereafter in areas such as audio, sport, photography, gaming and the world of services and apps, where we once again demonstrate our ability to create valuable content using a digital approach.

We are constantly looking to the future: this is why our long-term goals are based on research and development, ideals that we keep in mind every day. Our concept of vision also focuses on market research and subsequent analysis of the projects we implement: all this is continuously shared with our partners for our common growth.

We like to associate the word Substance with Values, whilst respect, flexibility, cooperation, communication, sharing and planning are our watchwords. These synergies have enabled us to achieve a series of successes in the technological, stylistic and customer satisfaction fields.

Creating projects in harmony with our group and customers is what drives us to make the most of every opportunity and, in line with our values, to achieve the goals set with mutual and lasting satisfaction.