SBS has always invested in strategic interconnections through Trade Marketing.

Daily collaboration between Marketing and Sales represents one of the strengths of our company, which always remains in close contact with retailers and shops to develop relationships with local and national customers.

This approach has so far proved to be a winning one for SBS, which is increasingly enjoying optimal collaboration with the distribution channel, leading to benefits for all parties involved. Its development entails integrated management of communication, point of sale promotions, merchandising and any other competitive activity that  can help the user in the purchase decision.    

In particular, the Trade Marketing Department supports the point of sale in the design of the display structure and in the definition of the product range to guarantee a timely service across all sales channels and build a long-term relationship.

We offer many solutions: from the personalisation of the displays already present at the point of sale to the design of innovative and tailor-made display systems. We have a very flexible exhibition catalogue to find not only the right option, but also a long-term strategic method: durable displays (self-supporting or swivel), free-touch shelves, multimedia bases, panelling, seasonal cardboard and promotional supports.

This planning is represented in the field by a strong synergy with the Sales Team which, thanks to exceptional training, is able to support actions at the point of sale. This includes: the monitoring of range rotation, explaining new products and product promotions, the management of orders and reorders, and the care of sales displays.

We stand out due to our approach to the trade and our large-scale distribution: but we are still able to maintain a consumer-oriented philosophy to give end customers an innovative and supportive emotional experience in the shop.

We see ourselves as a Trade Marketing Oriented company - not because we sell our customers what we produce, but because we build winning projects with a tailor- made approach that  meets the needs of the  markets in which we operate and those of our Partners.