Me Cover is a professional on-demand printing service which allows customers to personalise smartphone covers and accessories.


It’s a very simple system that doesn’t require any specialist knowledge.

After buying an SBS accessory, the end user visits the service desk to carry out the customisation.

Using the supplied software, the operator chooses the preselected accessory and image to print. Users can choose to customise their own device with textures from the catalogue or whatever graphics, photographs, or lettering customers want.

Printing is completed in just a few minutes, providing a case personalised according to the customers preferences.


MeCover is a service characterised by its easy-use and high-quality printing.

Thanks to reduced maintenance and the Plug&Play feature, an easy installation system, the printer 2.0 actually optimises processing times at sales points which could, as a result, allow for greater support for end users.

The final quality of the customisation, carried out in minutes, is similar to the resolution typical of industrial printing.


Dealers can contact us for more information or receive assistance via email or a dedicated chat service.

For any questions or to install MeCover in a retail space, please contact us via the following email address: The technical support service guarantees a specialist team which supply international coverage.

Those who already have the printer can also benefit from the telephone chat line which ensures users quick and easy technical support.