Fast Skin is a solution that allows you to apply a cut-to-measure protective film to a smartphone or tablet.

In shops offering this service, operators are able to fit the elasticated and resistant film in about 2 minutes.


The retailer can make use of a loaned kit that includes various devices. The cutting machine, which is just 60cm wide, connects to the database via Wi-Fi or 3G; it is automatically updated and does not require maintenance.

In addition to this, a starter kit complete with accessories is also delivered.

Fast Skin allows a protective film to be applied to the entire surface of the smartphone, reducing installation times by about 75% compared to the rest of the market. The protective film can be cut in less than a minute and applied dry: it adheres perfectly, even at the edges.


The Fast Skin database for smartphone and tablet models is constantly updated. It currently guarantees coverage of more than 2,000 types of device to meet the widest range of needs. When a new device is launched on the market, the system updates to anticipate the needs of the end consumer.


It is possible to choose between different types of transparent display film and four finishes, available in various colours, to protect the back of your smartphone.

All of these screen protectors have passed drop tests from a minimum height of 1.5m. In addition to various degrees of resistance, they offer the user a practical and comfortable experience when tapping and scrolling on their device’s display while ensuring that screen brightness remains optimal at all times. The device's shell protectors are non-slip and scratch-resistant and feature textures that feel pleasant touch as well as nuances that give the products a fascinating and modern appeal.


SBS also provides retailers with a website - - and a dedicated assistance service (contact us via e-mail or by phone +39 0322 980909).

With Fast Skin, applying a screen protector is a quick, effective, and simple operation.