Fast Skin Plus is the service that implements and improves Fast Skin 3.0 technology on smartphones and tablets. Fast Skin Plus takes it one step further by applying and sterilising the screen protector by means of UV rays.

Fast Skin Plus implements and improves Fast Skin 3.0 technology:

- On-demand cutting of protective film
- Application of film that adheres perfectly over the entire surface of devices up to 8"
- Application and sterilisation by exposing the device to the UV Vacuum technology.

What does the retailer use?

- Protective film Fast Skin Plus: via the process of polymerization using UV Vacuum technology, the protection hardens, creating genuine custom-made glass. The glass effect gives the same perception as glass and is also easy to clean; the material absorbs shocks and dissipates more vibrations; it fits perfectly to every type of smartphone, even those with edge display; it can regenerate itself.
- Fast Skin 3.0 printer: the printer is also compatible with the new Fast Skin Plus films. The store operator has the advantage of knowing the technology and leveraging the equipment to offer a new, additional option to the customer.
- Additional Fast Skin Plus machine: after applying the protection, the device is exposed to UV rays to activate the glue, harden the material and sterilise the entire device. The system represents a momentous turning point in terms of quality in the current screen protection market.

What added value can Trade offer the end user?

- Thin, resistant and durable films that provide high protection from scratches, bumps and jolts; they are also easy to clean and allow digital recognition.
- Streamlined service because the operators are already trained. As the application techniques have intentionally remained the same as the other Fast Skin materials, the consumer will find application quick and easy.
- Toughness for life: application via UV rays both sterilises the material and makes it more rigid and very similar to a protective glass. The consumer will therefore have protection that lasts throughout the full lifespan of their phone.

The new Fast Skin Plus Kit guarantees the perfect combination of innovative film and state-of-the-art machines for professional, reliable, made-to-measure application.

The business model is both simple and innovative. The kit is ready to use and accessible to everyone: you choose the device, cut the film, apply and sterilise it. All of these operations are carried out in a matter of minutes.

This commercial strategy supports a point of sale with a single machine that covers a wide range of cell phone models and other devices, guaranteeing personalized, on-demand cutting. The objective is to optimize revenues through increasingly high-performance technological solutions that will improve the smartphone services sector.